About Us

What We Do.

Inside Eagles is a law firm that provides commercial and in-house legal advice to businesses - assisting with the resolution of day-to-day commercial legal and operational issues as they arise.

The difference with Inside Eagles is that we give the advice from the inside.

We are lawyers with a broad range of experience in most areas of law and have worked as both in-house lawyers and in top and mid-tier firms in private practice. We specialise in commercial practice and embed ourselves with our clients, allowing for the better management of risks and the making of tough decisions. 

Inside Eagles is an incorporated legal practice with lawyers admitted both in Australia and abroad.


The Eagles Process

How We Work.


We get to know you and the business.


We provide legal advice strategically aligned and mindful of your goals.


We provide specialist advice as needed or facilitate the involvement of other external legal advisors whom we supervise and direct as needed.